You Make A Perfect Angel - Michael Reid

The snow dusted paintings in Sebastian Blanck's first Australian exhibition belong to a wider journal of life’s work that is motivated by the loveliest of instigations. Spontaneous, warm (metaphorically) and brimming with care; the intimate scale of paintings in this exhibition borrow from the tender rewards of recreational photography. Sebastian Blanck paints personal moments, and does so via a canon of impressionist and post-impressionist influences that have informed his work with increasing presence in recent years.

Landscapes and their submission to seasonal cycles is a thread that is visible in most of Sebastian Blanck’s paintings, evidencing the practical consistency of the New York based painter’s calendar year. Aspiring to make one painting a day, this discipline has directed the spontaneous and intuitive pace which drives his profoundly personal, yet universally relatable imagery. Using the family home and immediate family members as characters in his sentimental paintings, Blanck’s overarching practice behaves as a visual diary. These are paintings about people, the dearest people to ourselves, and are works of art in which our own memories can be extracted, with a little imagination. Enjoying and identifying with Blanck’s mini-narratives, as personal as they are, is not at all reliant on your own experience of a family trip during an up state New York snow storm.

Often occupying only a fraction of the painted surface, the figures sprinkled throughout Blanck’s paintings appear eclipsed, but never swallowed by the landscapes they are on. In the sub zero tones of the works in this exhibition, our gaze is met with empowered activity, bringing pleasing assurance that these are moments to be enjoyed. Broad swathes of colour and thinly applied washes of oil paint allude to the haze of snowstorms wonderfully, while Blanck’s sharp eye and economic brushwork create utterly convincing depictions of biting North American temperatures.

Sebastian Blanck was born in New Haven, Connecticut and received his BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design. In his 20 year career, Blanck has produced exhibitions for galleries located in the United States and Europe. Blanck is also a professional musician. Sebastian Blanck lives and works in New York City and is represented by Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Dowling Walsh Gallery, Maine and Miles McEnrey Gallery, New York. This is the artists first exhibition in Australia.