Djirrirra Wunuŋmurra Yukuwa

Djirrirra (also known as Yukuwa) first began painting while aiding her father, Yanggarriny Wunuŋmurra (1932-2003), towards his Telstra Award winning painting of 1997 and up until his death in 2003. Also assisting her brother Nawurapu Wunuŋmurra during this time.

She now primarily paints her own works. Attracting interest in the art world with her precise hand and geometric style. Yukuwa (yam) has become a distinct theme in her practice. This motif formed when she had been questioned about her right to paint Buyku, the fishtrap imagery of her own clan and homeland by a family member. Rather than disagreeing she responded by painting imagery which has defined in a sense, her own personal identity.

She was selected in 2007 for Cross Currents, a major art survey at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Her notoriety was secured when she was awarded Winner of the TOGA Northern Territory Contemporary Art Award in 2008.

Following on from her father and brother in 2012 as a Telstra winner with Best Bark at the 29th NATSIAA with her distinctive Yukuwa theme. She has exhibited in the US and China and in Australia. Living within the remote homeland of Gangan since she was born (before Western housing was erected) and has three children. Her work has been exhibited across Australia and internationally in Paris, London, Milan, Freiburg, Aspen, Idaho, Santa Fe, Seattle, Virginia, Shanghai and Singapore.

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