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Michael Reid FREE Art Viewing App: new version now available

The free Michael Reid App is an elegant, simple to use, yet sophisticated art viewing App – all images and details are kept on the user’s smartphone, becoming a private image stockroom for your collection. Due to the overwhelming demand of this easy to use, extremely useful and free Art Collecting App, we have just completed an update- incorporating several new and requested abilities.

We have created an app where you engage one button, to view your collected treasures, modest and grand. An app that has all the necessary art viewing details you need, without clutter. An app that allows you to see the most relevant details pertaining to your artworks, and yet can keep some information such as purchase price, for your eyes only. An app that allows you to share the joy of collecting outside the walls of your home.

What’s New: Version 1.1
• Create up to 5 galleries, displaying different collections of your artwork
• Upload your galleries to PDF to share via email
• UI/Bug improvements



Artist Wallpapers

The practice of unique artist wallpapers has as its panoramic roots, the voyages of exploration and travel one finds in the 18th century. Captain James Cook first sailed from England to the South Seas in 1769. He made three expeditions before his death in 1779, and his adventures captured the imaginations of many Europeans at a time when there was considerable interest in the Rousseauian “exotic”.

The technology of today allows talented contemporary artists, drawing on this 18th century tradition, to explore large scale images & roompanoramas hung with commissioned wallpaper. Wallpaper as well as fabric panelling cocoons a space and has wonderful acoustic qualities. Wallpaper can be playful or powerful, subtle and flexible.

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ART SIGNIFIKANT is a gallery membership program unlike any in this country, a complete gallery and collecting experience.

Art Signifikant is an opportunity for new and experienced collectors to develop conversational confidence and a greater level of art understanding.

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