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First Nations Australian Art

Our galleries celebrate First Nations Australian art on the global stage.

We are honoured to champion the artists whose lands stretch from the shores of the Indian Ocean to the Tasman and Coral Seas.

The foundation of our exhibition approach, with all our artists, is to maintain cultural authority, agency, authenticity, and fair dealings.

Transparency. Responsibility. Sustainability.

Partnering with Art Centres

First Nations Australian exhibitions across the Michael Reid congregation of galleries are drawn from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art centres, assuring authenticity and fair dealings with artists.

This model ensures that every artist is:
fully informed by the Community of the process and timing of sale
— well represented, with the power of negotiation and agency over their work
— fairly paid

When an artwork is sourced from an art centre, the majority of the funds go to the artist, with a small portion invested back into the art centre to cover operational costs and create community programs. 

Created over many decades, Michael Reid is honoured by the enduring partnerships we have with art centres across Australia.

Communities & artists we work closely with

Building a Sustainable Industry

Over the last 60 years, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art centres have become vital community spaces. They preserve tradition while sustaining contemporary voices, allowing knowledge and culture to be passed down from generation to generation. 

They provide economic sovereignty to the traditional custodians of the land and create a framework of support, whether legal or moral, for their communities.  

The knowledge passed down is not only cultural – it creates business and curatorial jobs, language projects, trips to country, access to new technologies and travel for their artists.

Looking to the Future

As a partner to Art Centres across Australia, and the artists they represent, Michael Reid takes our role as an ambassador to this remarkable group of cultures seriously.

As long as we represent Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples, we commit to upholding traditions, honouring artists, and ensuring we meet the objectives – whether cultural, legal, or economic – of our partners.

We recognise the terrible damage done to the Indigenous people of this country during Australia’s brief post-colonial history. Our hope is that by championing the traditions of our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander partners and celebrating their art on a global stage, we can assist in bringing recognition and resources to the oldest continuous living culture on earth.

Exhibition Calendar
28 Apr—15 May 2022
2 Mar—1 Apr 2023
29 Mar—2 Apr 2023
26 Apr—6 May 2023
8—17 May 2023
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