Seated - Art Exhibition - Michael Reid Gallery

Chelsea Gustafsson

29 Oct - 14 Nov 2020

Chelsea Gustafsson whimsically explores the bittersweet ineffable concerns of modern life. Through her humorous and out of the ordinary juxtapositions of household objects, seemingly placed together like the still life paintings of the Dutch Masters, Chelsea reveals looming societal issues such as consumerist waste, ocean pollution and a collective apathy towards environmental action.

In this collection of eight new works, Chelsea selects and composes unlikely pairings of bric-a-brac which were needed to be accessed during a time of limited movement and forced lockdown. Ordinarily, Chelsea sources her object subjects discarded on nature strips and sold at marketplace stalls; however, these objects needed to be in the artist’s immediate vicinity resulting in a spotlight on the widespread unease of our interior lives whilst locked indoors.

Earlier this year we invited artists from across the country to introduce themselves with view of expanding our awareness of current contemporary talent. We received a diverse range of submissions but one particular artist managed to capture our attention above others. The works of Melbourne based painter Chelsea Gustafsson have thoroughly impressed us and an online presentation of her work was swiftly arranged.

Launching at the end of October, Michael Reid ONLINE will host a debut exhibition of eight new paintings by Chelsea Gustafsson. For more information and access to a priority catalogue, please email


  • Chelsea Gustafsson
    BAG, 2020

    50 × 40 cm
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