Miwatj Yolŋu – Sunrise People

  • Artist
    Gaypalani Waṉambi, Muluymuluy Wirrpanda and Djirrirra Wunuŋmurra
  • Dates
    28 Oct 2023—11 Feb 2024
  • Gallery Location
    Bundanon Art Museum

Showcasing important works by senior and emerging artists from Yirrkala

Bundanon has unveiled its new exhibition season, Miwatj Yolŋu – Sunrise People, presenting important works by 13 senior and emerging Yolŋu artists from the Yirrkala Community in East Arnhem Land, open to the public in Bundanon’s award-winning Art Museum until 11 February 2024

Exhibiting artists include Ms N Marawili, Dhambit Munuŋgurr, Gaypalani Waṉambi, Mulkuṉ Wirrpanda, Muluymuluy Wirrpanda, Djirrirra Wunuŋmurra, Djakaŋu Yunupiŋu, Nyapanyapa Yunupiŋu, Wanapati Yunupiŋu, and artists from The Mulka Project including, Ruby Djikarra Alderton, Ishmael Marika, Patrina Munuŋgurr and Gutiŋarra Yunupiŋu.

Miwatj Yolŋu translates to ‘sunrise people’ in Yolŋu Matha (Yolŋu tongue). Geographically, Miwatj refers to the furthest north-eastern part of Arnhem Land that receives the morning sun, as it rises in the east. Yolŋu artists enact cultural traditions through the expression of both sacred and secular narratives. The use of materials from local lands is an important part of this practice, encompassing natural ochres, ṉuwayak (bark painting) and larrakitj (memorial poles).

To celebrate this landmark public exhibtion, Michael Reid Sydney presents this accompanying offering of work by Gaypalani Waṉambi, Muluymuluy Wirrpanda and Djirrirra Wunuŋmurra.

For enquiries, please contact: tobymeagher@michaelreid.com.au

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