Nganampa Ngura (Our Country)

  • Artist
    Vicki Yatjiki Cullinan, Emily Cullinan
  • Dates
    11 Jul—10 Aug 2024
  • Gallery Location
    Eora / Sydney

We are pleased to announce that our Winter exhibition program will be anchored by an expansive exhibition of new paintings by Emily Cullinan and Vicki Yatjiki Cullinan – mother and daughter artists, both of whom work from Iwantja Arts located in the rocky desert country of Indulkana Community on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytatjara Lands. Emily Cullinan and Vicki Cullinan are among the leading voices in one of the most dynamic, innovative and celebrated movements in contemporary First Nations painting.

One of the most senior women in her community, Emily Cullinan has been an integral part of the Iwantja art scene for many years, and recently experienced a major breakthrough in her practice. Her vibrant paintings are inspired by memories of travelling vast distances on foot across APY Lands with her family.

Nganampa Ngura (Our Country) will have added resonance by placing Emily Cullinan’s work in dialogue with those of her daughter, Hadley’s Art Prize and Ravenswood Art Prize winner Vicki Yatjiki Cullinan, whose sublime perspectives of Indulkana Country are conjured via sweeps of deep red crested by rhythmic striations of purple.

Paintings in this exhibition are now available to view by appointment prioir to the exhibition commencing on Thursday July 11th. To make an appointment or to request a digital catalogue of available paintings, please contact


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