On the Edge / am Rande

  • Artist
    Dr Cathy Franzi
  • Dates
    8—17 May 2023
  • Catalogue
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Continuing our month of collaboration with Michael Reid Clay, from 8–17 May we will present Cathy Franzi’s latest body of work, On the Edge / am Rande, as a part of Berlin Design Week 2023.

This year, the theme for this international festival of design is #resilience.

Franzi’s works build on this, having been created after a botanical residency at a threatened site of extraordinary biodiversity in WA.

From the Red Kangaroo Paw to the Stirling Range Coneflower (pictured above), Franzi’s stunning vessels celebrate the unique beauty of Australian plant life, immortalising common and rare species alike, as their environment changes and their prevalence in the landscape is threatened.

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