‘Forīs’ – a fragrance by Tamara Dean, 2023

Eau de Parfum 50mL 1.69fl oz.
Batch #1 – 100 units
Hand made in Sydney

Tester size available – 2mL ($15 – shipping included)

Dry woods play with sheer, ethereal and earthed woody florals.

A twilight meander through wild woods.

Forīs transports you into Tamara’s world

Forīs, created by the renowned Australian contemporary photographer Tamara Dean and Scentsmith Ainslie Walker, is an enchanting unisex fragrance evoking the essence of a twilight meander through wild woods, lingering in the memory and on the skin.

At the forefront of this fragrance are the top notes, which introduce an invigorating blend of pink peppercorn and cardamon. These spicy and aromatic ingredients create a warm and uplifting opening. As Forīs unfolds, the heart notes emerge, intimately enveloping the wearer in scents inspired by the natural world. Delicate and luminous, hedione takes centre stage, infusing the fragrance with a touch of floral elegance. Complemented by the woody and earthy tones of orris, cedarwood and indigenous Australian sandalwood (Dutjahn), the heart of Forīs captures the essence of an untamed wilderness.

By skilfully layering these diverse elements, Tamara Dean, and longtime collaborator Ainslie Walker have created a perfume that not only captivates the senses but also creates a vivid evocation of nature’s beauty. With its unisex appeal, Forīs is a fragrance that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene, Linalool, Farnesol (Natural Constituents of Essential Oils)