Good Country, 2021

C-type print on metallic paper
120 x 120 cm
edition of 6 +2 AP

C-type print on metallic paper
comprising four panels: 120 x 120 cm (each)
total framed dimensions: 250 x 250 cm
edition of 4 + 2AP


March 5th – March 23rd

Dr Christian Thompson AO, Djirrirra Wunuŋmurra, Regina Pilawuk Wilson

Future Ancestor brings together the work of Dr Christian Thompson AO, Djirrirra Wunuŋmurra and Regina Wilson. The title of the show suggests a non-linear interpretation of time; of existence across time. An assertion of cultural significance not tied to a Western understanding of chronological familial lineage. It is a title suggestive also of the continuation of culture, and its capacity to develop, evolve, and still retain a timelessness.

And yet despite this non-linear suggestion of time, it is the linear in a pictorial sense – or line itself – that threads these three disparate practices together. Each artist explores identity through line and cross hatching in their work; from Thompson’s photographic and performative practice in which the artist’s lined face dissolves into an immense floral wall. To Wunuŋmurra’s meticulous expression of Miny’tji, in which identity exists in the coded pattern of clan design, declaring the identity of its maker through line alone. And Wilson, whose infinite repetition of painted line constructs a shimmering woven surface; on one level a re-imagining of her weaving practice in painted form and on another a declaration of cultural custodianship through the power of mark making and the transposition of cultural practice to new mediums.

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