Me and Granny, 2018

acrylic on canvas
143 x 163.5 cm

Finalist in the 2018 Archibald Prize

(This is the 4th time Marc Etherington has been selected as a finalist for the Archibald Prize)

Marc Etherington’s painting Me and Granny is a self-portrait with his future dog, a whippet called Granny. ‘I don’t own a dog named Granny yet,’ he says. ‘My wife Kate and I have been talking about getting a whippet for a while now. Our son Lars insists we name him Granny.

‘We have romanticised the idea of getting him and whenever we hear dogs barking or being naughty we say to each other, “Our Granny would never behave like that”. We are keeping our eyes on the animal shelters and know that one day soon he will appear. We like to think he is out there looking for us as well.’

Born in Sydney in 1973, Etherington lives in Gymea where he has a studio space in his garage – though he sometimes works on the dining room table or the kitchen bench top. He is a self-taught artist and works as a preparator (or art handler) at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. This is the fourth year in a row that he has been a finalist in the Archibald Prize. He has also been a finalist in the Sulman Prize twice.

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