Solastalgia, 2020

pure pigment print on cotton rag paper
160 x 191 cm
edition of 2 + 1AP
120 x 143 cm
edition of 6 + 2AP

Finalist in 2020 Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize

‘Solastalgia’ speaks to the psychological impacts of our rapidly changing environment. A world devoid of adults where children need to find and forge new ways, better ways of caring for our planet.
– Tamara Dean

‘Solastalgia’ is a term coined by Glenn Albrech that resonated with Tamara Dean, “the pain or distress caused by the ongoing loss of solace and the sense of desolation connected to the present state of one’s home and territory. It is the existential and ‘lived experience’ of negative environmental change, manifest as an attack on one’s sense of place.” Glenn Albrech


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