Submerged No. 1, 2016

pigment print from digital photograph

100 x 200 cm
edition of 6 + 2AP
$8,000 unframed

75 x 150 cm
edition of 6 + 2AP
$5,500 unframed

Catherine Nelson’s new body of work continues to stretch the descriptive powers of photography beyond the traditional scope of the medium. Combining her training as a painter with her expertise in cinematic visual effects, Nelson’s stunning photographs create immersive natural worlds.

These submerged worlds induce a child–like sense of wonder – a desire to explore the unknown. Each of Nelson’s photographs is constructed of hundreds of individual photographs pieced together painstakingly over several months. With no single vantage point, the effect is dynamic and fantastical. Sometimes expansive and at other times introspective, Nelson’s works invite the viewer to seek their own journey within the image before them.