Future Memories 2020

Catherine Nelson’s latest suite of photographic artworks Future Memories was an extension of her 2010 series of the same name which speaks to the undeniable links between climate change and human activity. With the tumultuous events of 2020 presenting new challenges daily, the undeniable link between the destruction of the natural world and mankind can no longer be ignored.

It felt timely to return to the themes from that series [Future Memories, 2010] which talks about our planet, ecology and the importance of protecting what we have.
-Catherine Nelson

The large format photographic composites of Future Memories are created using a database of images captured during excursions spanning three years across four continents. From the lush, tropical flora of Costa Rica and far-north Queensland, to the rolling hills of the Greenland tundra, the fragile worlds that Catherine Nelson creates rouse cultural and environmental debates that are more critical than ever.

Catherine Nelson chose to present this exhibition using a recently developed print and paper technology that allows the works to be dry mounted and framed without glazing. By removing the need for acrylic or glass glazing, the rich colour and textures captured in Future Memories present with remarkable depth and detail, and crucially with no reflective surface.

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