Animal Queendom

Leah Emery embroiders vintage titillating scenes, quite literally interweaving and disrupting cliché stereotypes of gender and desire. In her latest series, Animal Queendom, Emery brings animals into the frame. These disinterested bystanders create a divide from the explicit content and … Continued

Eclectus Australis & McGlennon’s Audubon Folio

The 19th Century saw a rapid evolution in the publication of natural history books. Magnificent large-scale tomes, sumptuously bound and illustrated with hand-coloured plates, celebrated all the latest discoveries of exotic birds and animals around the world. The ornithological genius … Continued

Lunar Paintings

Gippsland Art Gallery 29th March – 20th May 2018 Standing sentinel over Brett Weir’s self-built house-studio in Walkerville is a row of towering wind turbines. Engaged in a dynamic and continual transference of energy from nature to man, their presence … Continued

Creative Collaborations in Adelaide

Alongside Christian Thompson’s survey exhibition Ritual Intimacy at the Samstag Museum of Art and in response to his involvement in the 2018 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Divided Worlds, new and recent works by Thompson will be shown across two … Continued

[Sydney Contemporary 2018] Group Show

Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin at Sydney Contemporary 2018. 13 – 16 September Booth F05 Presenting new work by Dr. Christian Thompson AO, Alesandro Ljubicic, Joan Ross, Marc Etherington, John Honeywill, Robert Malherbe, Michael Peck, Jordan Richardson and Petrina Hicks. … Continued


Sampler presents 28 new works by Victorian based artist (and curator) Trevor Smith. Thematically nostalgic, well humoured and technically magnificent, Trevor’s soft sculptural textile artworks will be presented in the artist’s second solo exhibition with Michael Reid Sydney.

Couch Potato

Marc Etherington’s new exhibition Couch Potato is a homage to hours whiled away in comforting fuzz of the TV. Within this exhibition Marc re-creates and re-imagines characters and scenes from popular film and television from Seinfeld to Cliffhanger. The paintings and sculptures from … Continued

Still Life Studio

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

MY HEART – still full of her

My heart, still full of her, 
Traveled over her face, and found her there no more… I thought to myself that a woman unknown 
Had adopted by chance that voice and those eyes And I let the chilly statue pass
 … Continued

Midnight Modern IV

The latest and final release in Australian photographer Tom Blachford’s long running project Midnight Modern will show at Michael Reid Sydney in February 2018. Loosening the shackles of Palm Springs and Mid Century, Blachford’s new exhibition of 8 works explores … Continued

Big Rain Has Got To Come Down

This is my response to the land, sky and animals that populate my drives across regional Australia. Whacked as we are with rainless periods, Australia is at some times a paradise and at others, a land of heartbreak. My abstract … Continued

[Bondi Pavillion] Rex Dupain – Sunscreen Celebrities

Queen Elizabeth Drive Bondi Beach Gallery hours: Monday – Sunday 10 am to 5 pm Events and public programs: Over the last twenty years, photographer Rex Dupain has witnessed Bondi Beach’s popularity grow as a must-see tourist destination and … Continued

Shadows on a Cave Wall

The incredulity of the painter Jordan Richardson paints from a place of incredulity and with this approach he seems to deliberately defy easy categorisation as a figurative painter. His practice embraces painting from many directions, and the use of figuration … Continued

Selected Works 2002 – 2017

Polixeni Papapetrou is a photographic artist who explores the relationship between history, contemporary culture, identity and being. Her subject matter has included Elvis Presley fans, Marilyn Monroe impersonators, circus performers and body builders. Since 2002 Papapetrou has been exploring the … Continued

Acquiesce the Front

The photography of Luke Shadbolt documents the exchange, cycle and balance of power fundamental to the functioning of our planet and its oceans. It is an exploration of the balance of light and dark inherent in nature, both on a … Continued

recent work

Melbourne-born artist Michael Doolan has been exhibiting regularly for over two decades. His work is concerned with the legacy of the fairy tale, and seeks new ways of reading and decoding these narratives which have evolved in parallel to their … Continued

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour presents 45 new works by Victorian based artist (and curator) Trevor Smith. Thematically nostalgic, well humoured and technically magnificent, Trevor’s soft sculptural textile artworks will be presented in the artist’s largest scale exhibition to date and first solo … Continued

[NERAM, Armidale] Serenades to the sky

Artist Lucy Vader comes from a family who have been farmers for generations and she continuously finds inspiration in the life on the land. In this exhibition she explores a world of wide, grassy paddocks, frequently populated by sheep painted … Continued


Derek Henderson’s art practice is versatile, cultivated and elegant. It reflects the profound experiences drawn from decades of global travel, undertaken for Henderson’s professional photographic career. For editorial, advertising and fashion, his lens has recorded glimpses of a constructed, hyper-real … Continued

[Melbourne] DEN FAIR – ‘Hyrangeas’

Stand G22 DENFAIR 3rd annual edition 8th – 10th June 2017 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Derek Henderson’s art practice is versatile, cultivated and elegant. It reflects the profound experiences drawn from decades of global travel, undertaken for Henderson’s professional … Continued

Lake Dolly

In much of Christian Thompson’s work he engages with the process of autoethnography, merging the dream world, his autobiography and research, he constructs images that connect his experience to wider social, political, cultural meanings and understandings. Reflecting on personal, private … Continued

Heavenly Fighters

Cockfighting is a millennia old blood sport. Under the guise of religious ceremony, prized fighting cocks, with their plumage resplendent, battle to a bloody victory or demise. Artistic fascination with blood sport is well documented. Goya, Hemingway, Manet, Picasso have … Continued

Beautiful Barricade

 In Michael Peck’s new exhibition, Beautiful Barricade, floral motifs are superimposed over unexpected objects of war. The floral patterning, appropriated from wall paper and textile design, suggests the rarefied interiors of luxury living. The resulting paring of object and design … Continued

Take Me Home

“Take Me Home is an exhibition of big paintings. It’s about monsters and detectives and love and loss, and shit…” Marc Etherington, January 2017   Take me home is a quasi narrative, inspired by 20th C. American detective genre films. … Continued


Florilegium is the continuation of body of work by Joseph McGlennon, which was first commenced in 2014. The first in the series, Florilegium #1 was the winner 2015 William and Winifried Bowness Photography Prize and has since been acquired by … Continued

The King and The Fool

Jordan Richardson’s paintings take breath from an observation of art conservation. The material quality of old paint, its tackiness and elasticity is a daily obsession that drives his painting practice and informs a strategy for paint application. Richardson’s current series … Continued

The Alteration

Notes on: The Alteration* Derek Henderson, New Work 2016.   Lets evacuate the world and listen to what remains. Derek Henderson’s recent body of photographic work takes the viewer into very charted territory. These are a type of landscape that … Continued

Museum of Others at PhotoLondon

Michael Reid is pleased to unveil an altogether new and exciting body of photographic works by Christian Thompson, Museum of Others, for the art fair, Photo London 2016. The exhibition is presented in association with the Head On Photo Festival 2016. … Continued

‘Florilegium’ at 602, Melbourne

602 Little Bourke St, Melbourne (between Spencer and King Sts) Wednesday 17th – Sunday 21st August, 2016 Florilegium is the continuation of body of work by Joseph McGlennon which was first commenced in 2014. The first in the series, Florilegium #1 was the winner 2015 William … Continued

The California Works

These works were created during an artist residency in California in 2015. Looking at mythology, folk tales and the history of figuration in western art. these works are an updated version of ancient images. Wolf and woman; traditionally seen as … Continued


Ham Darroch Echoes, Essay by Tony Oates, 2016. On the occasion of Heidegger’s seventieth birthday (26 September 1959), Braque offered him a gift of a lithograph inscribed with a dedication and the phrase ‘‘l’écho répond à l’écho, tout se répercute … Continued


Maelstrom documents the duality of nature; creation and destruction in a single act. It is an exploration of the balance of light and dark inherent in nature, both on a physical and qualitative level. In this new body of work, … Continued

The Good Room

Matt Coyle’s art began as dense thickets of line work, panels saturated with glare and black. Lately he’s felt the pull of the void, rendering infinite fields of tiny conflict like an atomic view of his mental landscape. Cosplay battles swirl at … Continued

Meatus Metatus

These tattooed ceramic heads harness a strong set of contradictory emotions. They are imbued with ancient notions of power and status, but they also engage with recent anxieties concerning our relationship with animals. Repeatedly jumping the fence between portraiture and iconography, the tattoos … Continued

Weather dependent

My paintings respond to the weather. On my country travels I watch the world. I see mists rise in the mornings off paddocks and dams, moving with seeming intelligence upward on an adventure. While I drive I watch clouds gathering … Continued


Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11am – 5pm, Monday and Tuesday by appointment. The phenomenon of facial hair has enjoyed a distinct renaissance over the past decade, serving to remind us all of the cyclical nature of fashions and trends. The beard … Continued

Wolf Market

Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11am – 5pm, Monday and Tuesday by appointment. The wolf is strong and decisive. The wolf searches for its prey through the power of scent, chance encounter and tracking. The wolf isolates its prey from the herd, … Continued

Geophonics 3

  Geophonics is the term coined by Philip Hunter to articulate the concept of sounds which occur beyond the Earth’s familiar landscape. His paintings adopt this title to explore the imperceptible phonics of the earth, adding structure and rhythm to … Continued

Field Immersion

For me, the Australian land and sky present illuminated abstract colour fields. Out in the field, in my subject, immersion is absolute. Sky to land, animal to surrounds, self to subject, colour-fields blend together. An immersion in the fields, both … Continued


ˈvʊndəˌkamə,German ˈvʊndɐˌkamɐ/
noun: Wunderkammer; plural noun: Wunderkammern
a place where a collection of beauties and rarities is exhibited.

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